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A post based Roleplay set in a very distant future. Space, dark secrets, and adventure await in this exciting telling of our story. Human or Alien or something all together different? what will you be?
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 A brief History.

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PostSubject: A brief History.   Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:44 pm

The year is 4023: N.E.S (New Earth Standard)
Long ago, in an age lost to all human kind there was a little planet called Earth. There was nothing remarkable about this tiny blue orb. It was like the billions of other spinning rocks in all the rest of the universe. Except for one thing. It had on it’s surface a creature of unimaginable violence. A creature that was constantly hungry for conflict. They seemed to hate each other beyond reason. They even built weapons of such destructive power that they could end their world a hundred times over. And so they did. The 4th and finale world war was the end of life as it was know on that orb. In that great conflagration the world was swept clean of most of it’s inhabitants. Those that survived called it The Great Burning. After an age the world began to recover. Humans became a single species as it was decided that all human life was precious. Creed, color, race, sexual orientation no longer mattered. All that mattered was the perpetuation of the species.
It was almost eighty years after the establishment of the new world order that the people of earth turned their eyes to the sky once more. Hoping to find a new home that was not cursed with nuclear fire. An elderly woman named Alice McMurray discovered something astonishing in her ancient telescope. The discovery of object 168K39 changed the course of human destiny. Object 168K39 was an abandoned alien laboratory, forgotten by time and they beings that had placed it there, the lab had finally ran out of fuel and had fell from its orbit of Titan. A team was dispatched on a year long voyage to the laboratory. Humans took the technology there and adapted it to their needs. The return trip from the station took hours instead of months. Humans united by this discover built Star ships and weapons of terrible power, for it was in their nature to make war. They set out into the galaxy to find a new home. The Kepler blitz was the first of many campaigns to take territory for the human race. Before many even knew that there was such a thing as humans they were fighting them and losing. Whole planets where engulfed by orbital lunched shock troops. Millions of aliens soon learned the horror of invasion and enslavement by a foreign nation. For decades the United Empire of Earth expanded unchecked. It wasn’t until the Marh’rain Sovereignty was threatened was anyone able to stem the tide of blood and death. The Marh’rains, a hyper advanced race of meta-humanoids were more than a match for the forces of Earth. However the Marh’rains were not prepared for the level of violence that humans could bring to a battle field. After millions of lives were cast into the vacuum of space the Marh’rains forced the Earth forces to halt their advance. The Accords of Nova established a swath of space full of thousands of planet to act as neutral ground between the galactic heavyweights. Both sides now co-occupy hundreds of these neutral planets in an attempt to police each others actions. The war is now cold but for some the blood is still hot. With official military actions forbidden inside the demilitarized zone the governments there began to use freelance agents called Negotiators to conduct covert operations or to secure secret trade deals with their neighbors. It wasn’t long before the term Negotiator became synonymous with back room meetings and unexplained assassinations.
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A brief History.
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