Project Omega 1.

A post based Roleplay set in a very distant future. Space, dark secrets, and adventure await in this exciting telling of our story. Human or Alien or something all together different? what will you be?
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 Here are the rules.

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James (Admin)

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PostSubject: Here are the rules.   Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:47 pm

The rules.

Rules are pretty simple folks.
Respect each other. Right. Okay, that might not be enough so here are some guidelines.

You control your character! Not everyone else. Let the person you are interacting with convey the responses of their character.
Post as often as you like, however if you do not post enough to be remembered then you will be dropped from the story.
Your posts should be at lest a paragraph. “Smiles at him.” is not a post. Be descriptive, be as graphic as your vocabulary allows in fact.
Spelling, grammar and punctuation are not so important. As long as we can tell what you are talking about. However, please have a basic understand of English.

Character building:
Please post a complete character description in the Character section. Include, name, race, age, physical description and whatever back story you want the others to play off of.
When you make your character you can be whatever you want to be as long as you can explain how it could possibly exist in biology. No overpowered, demi-god, or other wise indestructible characters. I think that one is pretty clear. it’s no fun to have that guy, or gal that can’t be touched.
Romance, sex, all that good stuff. Go nuts we are all adults here or at lest are pretending to be. If your under 18 this probably isn't the place for you. Also know that it may effect how other characters interact with you.
If it is player on player work out among the others how you want to fight to go in PM or out side the story page. If need be myself (admin) or a Moderator will decide the outcome of a fight. If this needs to change it will.
The galaxy:
The universe is fluid, feel free to create any race, planet or government you think fits in a universe that is somewhat grounded in reality. Keep to this basic formula. If it could exist in nature it is Okay. Marh’ria is a benevolent monarchy, however they are strict and have a very defined social cast system. Humans are how you would expect, as a government it is not necessary an “Evil Empire” so much as it is out to advance the human race by any means necessary.
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Here are the rules.
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